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Is coaching confidential?
Yes. Period.

Anyone else involved in a coaching process other than coach and client?
Very often there are other parties involved in the coaching process and the presence of these other parties influences the nature, length and cost of the coaching process. 


  • Stakeholders. Coaching is always about change and the changes that come out of a coaching process invariably have an impact on others. These stakeholders actively influence the client's goals either indirectly via inquiry and discussion or directly via stakeholder surveys of a 360 assessment process.

  • The Sponsor. In many coaching engagements there is a sponsor who is an individual making the investment in coaching on behalf of the client. The coach, client and sponsor collaborate on the nature of the sponsor's role in the coaching process. Often a client will keep their sponsor up to date on their work with their coach and seek out their sponsor's input on their development goal.

Is coaching confidential even when there is a sponsor?
Yes. Period. A client may want to share some observations or new perspectives with their sponsor, and the client may want their coach to communicate with their sponsor but in either case the client decides the information they want to share, when to share it how it will be shared. All of this is determined before the coaching engagement begins. 

How long is a coaching engagement and how much does it cost?

The length and cost of a coaching engagement varies depending on many factors such as the number of stakeholders, whether there is a sponsor involved, how input will be gathered during the assessment step, the nature of the client's desired change, etc. As a general rule a coaching engagement is between six and nine months, and once an initial engagement is complete it's not uncommon for coaching to continue at the request of the client. For more information about the length and cost of a coaching engagement, call (802) 318-1252.

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