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Clients & Testimonials

What Clients Say

 I have been working on Executive Leadership with Jeff Govoni over the past year and appreciate and value the work I have been doing under his direction.  I have been a CTO for over 15 years and have had 3-4 different executive coaches over this period.  Having just started at Champlain College in July 2012 I did not think about additional executive leadership work.  In a non-intuitive decision I chose to work with Jeff on my leadership style.  My work with Jeff has been first and foremost reflective and historical.  His work has helped me understand where my strengths and weaknesses come into play in my daily work.  Jeff follows his hunches and intuition with a set of frameworks that help with the personal reflection and with understanding the impact at work.  Without reservation I recommend Jeff Govoni for executive leadership coaching.


AVP Information Technology

Champlain College, Burlington, VT

Interestingly enough, I met my would be professional career / life coach at a time when I was internally deciding that I wanted more professionally and feeling very stuck.  Jeff is guiding me through the murky waters I put myself in and helping me to clearer thoughts.  Jeff’s sincere ability to listen intently, fully understand what I’m saying and reflect back to me with pin point accuracy is amazing.  I am now able to start to work on thoughts or internal dialogue that hold me back and develop daily practices that help me to overcome my perceived weaknesses.  It is a process with Jeff’s guidance that is going to allow me to state a clear goal (s) and make strides to attain my goals.  I can now even laugh at myself!  I recommend training with Spring Tide Leadership Development as it forces you to go where you didn’t think it necessary to go to become who you really are.


Wholesale Manager

Danforth Pewter

I want to thank Jeff personally for the leadership work he has done with me. His insightfulness and observations are invaluable.

While being coached by Jeff, I have been able to see myself  and my behavior more objectively. I am able to understand where my challenges and strengths lie and where I can bring value. He has helped me identify patterns and blind spots and taught me the skills to improve. With this new understanding, I am able to adjust my behavior, modify my actions to get positive results. It has been a great pleasure working with him.


Marketing Director

Champlain College

Here is one insight I had about the work I’ve been doing with (Jeff.)  First I thought I was going to get help working through personnel changes and that I’d learn what I needed to do to become a better leader.  Then I went through the whole “hero’s journey” . . .  facing dark and difficult things and coming back different.  I originally thought I was trying to become a better leader so I could possibly take on more leadership at Champlain. Now I’m realizing that I’m going through an important transitional phase of development.


Director of Registration & Registrar

Champlain College

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